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Stuff that makes me Angry :3

I urge all of you, invisible people from the threshold, to read: http://www.geocities.com/nickoblake/jackson.htm

It is enlightenment. But the slimy scheme which is thereupon revealed maketh me so angry I hath no words to spew. Fuck the press, Michael is the best, is all I have to say. XP

And these words describe Tom Sneddon to the T:

"This attorney I found, I picked the nastiest son of a bitch I could find. All he wants to do is get this out in the public as fast as he can, as big as he can, and humiliate as many people as he can. He's nasty, he's mean, he's very smart, and he's hungry for the publicity."
-Chandler[the father]

I know it's been AGES since all this horrid stuff came to pass, but I suppose what makes me so angry is the fact that, everyday, these beasts continue to breathe air. Air that Michael can no longer breathe because of their cruel schemes. Air which I would love to deprive their unworthy lungs of before finally disposing of their less-than-meaningless existence.

But MJ wouldn't want it so. But it still makes me angry. >;(
-sigh- It's just not fair. He was such a wonderful person, how could this be? It's the world's tragedy and I blame them entirely for his ultimate collapse. They treated him like garbage despite the fact that all he ever wanted to do was help and heal the world for all of us. Not for himself, but for ALL of us.

It breaks my heart to see such innocent, child-like souls torn to pieces by the cruelty of those without a heart. Their nobility leaves them defenseless against a world which hesitates not for a moment to attack and ultimately destroy them. Such is the human tragedy because mankind possesses, for the most part, an utterly destructive nature. We need not look in Bibles or decode ancient prophecies to figure out who or what will bring forth our seemingly inevitable demise. The answer is found in the mirror.

I can at least state with full confidence that he will be spared from what awaits the rest of us. We've gone through many lives yet we haven't learned a thing as a global community. Ultimate destruction will be our end, perhaps deservedly, when our Earth becomes unfit for biological life. Only then, perhaps, we will wail and regret the past. Then, we will wish we had listened to the words of wisdom from a man who once walked the Earth with us as Michael Joseph Jackson.

It is the most probable of cases that Michael is done with existence, though I obviously possess no authority whatsoever to deem this statement as fact. I would think it as fair, however. Once you have gone through everything he had gone through with such valor and strength of human spirit, I believe you have gone through everything. His life in this world was full of pain, and full of happiness as well, glimmers of euphoric bliss, perhaps. Yet it was mostly composed of pain and ridicule, as the poor soul was treated like a freak show by those who did not, could not, understand or see, what a wonderful human being was looking back at them with eyes so full of sadness.

In so many ways, when I saw that man, I saw my own self staring back. It's inexplicable in the sublimest of manners. We have so much in common, yet HE was such a genius. I am humbled by him. My heart is forever broken, but forever hoping, that he is ok. May he find peace and know beyond all things that I will always love him. I'll miss seeing him grow and reinvent himself.

Yet in a way I hope he never comes back to this Earth as a human being again. His last life was so full of pain it breaks my heart to ponder on it for more than a few rather unpleasant moments. I would rather undergo a thousand morbid deaths than to have him placed under such terrible pain again.

Regardless, I will always remember what an angelic being he was. We'd all do well to heed his words and heal the world before it is too late. Hatred helps no one. His passing made me realize how fragile life can be and how even the best among us can be brought down by animosity.

What an animal man is, the most horrid of beasts. Human nature sickens me so. Animals only kill what they need to survive or if they're under legitimate threat. They follow laws of nature which harmoniously compose what should be our existence. Yet the human being insists on senseless killing. We are a sea of blood, all of us. Blood is in our hands.

When the prettiest little bird is shot down, in one atrocious moment, for no apparent reason...hearts should break.

I honestly don't understand the world anymore. I haven't for seventeen years. I am utterly disappointed with what the human race has become. I have no words with which to express my disgust at our so-called "Evolution". Everyday we invent new ways to kill each other, we innovate old ways to kill each other, resurrect old disputes and seek excuses to obliterate each other.

Perhaps it's our destiny. If so then so be it. I just hope that the noble aren't around for it. They don't deserve it.
Hello to all,

I am aware I have been absent for quite a while. I now make a comeback, and I promise you, this is NOT it! I would like to make my first post about the passing of Michael Jackson, however. His passing has deeply affected me, not only as a fan, but as a kindred spirit.

Thus I post a letter I have written and submitted to the Michael Jackson fan club, which promises to hand it to the family. Even if they don't, however, these words are for Michael:

For Michael...Collapse )

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